3 Debunked Myths That Shouldn’t Stop You from Juicing

On the heels of every well-meaning health trend is a slew of critics that want to prove to the world that the trend is ineffective, or worse, harmful. Juicing is no exception, in spite of its endurance in popularity over the last decade or so. Some people won’t denounce their claims against juicing, however false some of them may be. In order to help you separate the fact from fiction and understand how healthy juicing can be, we’ve listed some of the common myths about juicing that shouldn’t stop you from trying the healthy practice.

Juice Has Too Much Sugar in It


Juicing fruit and vegetables does concentrate the vitamins, minerals, and sugars in the produce into a liquid form. If you juice fruits like pears and apples that are high in natural sugars, the juice will be high in sugar. However, if you juice mostly or all vegetables, the juice will be low in sugar. Do a little research to find out the nutritional values of different types of produce before putting them into your juice if you are concerned about sugars.

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