3 Fruity Juices That Will Rival Your Child’s Favorite Store-Bought Drinks

Store bought juices can be high in sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals. Unfortunately, our kids often fall in love with these mutant drinks after being exposed to them at other people’s houses or the one time we buy them before realizing how bad they are. Instead of succumbing to your child’s pleas for some syrupy liquid, whip up these tasty and healthy fresh juices and create some new favorites.

Fresh Fruit Punch


Beets are extremely good for you and they have a very eye-appealing red color, so they make a perfect addition to a homemade fruit punch. Juice two beets along with strawberries, pitted cherries, raspberries, and red grapes for a yummy alternative to store bought punches. Make sure this one gets served at the table, though, because it will stain clothes, floors, and furniture if spilled. It will also give kids that coveted red smile.

Tropical Delight

tropical juice

Combining carrots with pineapples, mangoes, and oranges will give your juice a rich color and a zesty sweet flavor. Serve this one in a fun glass with a pineapple or an orange as a garnish. Blend it with a little crushed ice and top it with a cherry to make kids really feel like they are getting a special treat.

Cool Blueberry Sweetie


A drink this beautiful is sure to attract kids’ interest. Add plenty of blueberries, watermelon, red grapes, and gooseberries or acai if you can get any fresh. Mix this juice up very well and add more of the sweet red grapes if the flavor needs to be a little more kid friendly. Try to pick fat, ripe blueberries so that the taste is as sweet as possible. If you feel adventurous, the bold color of this juice may be dark enough to conceal a small handful of spinach or kale.