3 Green Juices That Will Make You Feel Like the Incredible Hulk

The copious amounts of nutrients in green juices can make you feel strong, energetic, and exuberant. Green juices are liquid concentrations of many of the things that your body needs, so it is no surprise that you should feel amazing after drinking one. If you want a super shot of goodness, try one of these awesome green juice recipes:

Cilantro Kale Refresher


This juice combines the earthiness of cilantro, kale, celery, and cucumbers with the sweetness of apples and the tanginess of lemons. Juice them all together, adding two apples to level out the flavors. The vitamin C from the lemons, the hydrating properties from the apples and cucumbers, and the nutritional powerhouse that is the kale will help to boost your immune system and keep you feeling good. The zing and earthiness will pump you up.

Sweet Spinach Delight


If you want to get your spinach fix, but can’t stomach the taste, this juice can help you out. Two pears sweeten up the spinach and parsley, cucumber and mint add a refreshing aftertaste, and lemon adds just a hint of zest. The juice will hydrate your cells, strengthen your bones, and detoxify your body, leaving you feeling fresh, cleaned out, and ready for whatever comes your way.

Citrus Ginger Immune Booster


This juice is great for your immune system and will snap your senses awake, giving you plenty of energy to power through your day. With several different types of citrus, including oranges, limes, and lemons, the vitamin C content is through the roof. Lots of spinach add to the nutrient boost, celery and apples hydrate and sweeten, and ginger refreshes. The juice is mildly sweet and tangy, but easy on the blood sugar and contains anti-cancer agents to keep you feeling good in the future as well as today.