3 Reasons to Drink Your Green Juice in the Morning

Starting the day out making and drinking a green juice may seem like a hassle to add into your already busy morning, but believe it or not it may actually make your day a little better and easier. Green juice is very healthy and starting the day out with it can help you get your fruits and veggies in right away. There are also several other reasons that morning is the best time of day to drink your green.

Green Juice is Best on an Empty Stomach


When you drink green juice on an empty stomach, your body is best able to absorb all of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. Drinking green juice after or during a meal slows the process of absorption and doesn’t allow you to feel the full effect. A good rule of thumb is to wait about 20 minutes after drinking a green juice to eat anything else and to wait two hours after eating a big meal to drink a green juice.

Juice Can Fill You Up Until Lunch Time

green juice filling

If you are trying to lose weight, green juice may be your perfect breakfast. Depending on what ingredients you select, green juice is generally thick and filling. Juice is pretty low in calories, as well, so it will help you to cut back on some calories. If you do get hungry before lunch, however, be sure to snack on some almonds, fruits, or veggies. Waiting may make it more tempting to eat a large lunch filled with empty calories and dash your efforts.

You’ll Have Plenty of Energy

green juice energy

The super dose of nutrients in a green juice will rev your body up and kick start your metabolism for the day. If you throw in a few sweet and pulpy ingredients like pineapple and orange, the juice will have some natural sugars to power you through. Green juice can start you off with a zing, so you may even be able to skip your morning coffee and go right into high gear.