3 Things Juicing CAN’T Do for You

When people are debating starting to juice, there are often a bunch of advocates and a bunch of naysayers with a running list of things that juicing can and can’t do for you. Juicing is not magic, so it makes sense that it can’t do everything! The following is a slightly silly list of things that juicing CAN’T do for you, just to get this out of the way.

Juicing CAN’T Take Out the Trash


Juicing can’t physically take your refuse out to the can but it can help to clean the junk out of your body. Depending on the ingredients that you choose, juice can flush the toxins out of your system and keep you feeling good. Come to think of it, juicing can help you to clean the junk out of your fridge, too – the veggies and fruits that only have a day or two left that you need to use up quickly. Throw it all into the juicer and drink to your health.

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