3 Ways to Tell If Your Juicer Is Right for You

After beginning to juice, some individuals feel pressured to “upgrade” to a more expensive juicer that supposedly provides better results or is capable of improving health. For some, getting a more expensive juicer may make sense and improve the juicing experience. For others, however, the juicer that has already been acquired is the perfect juicer. The following are a few ways to tell whether your juicer is right for you or whether you would benefit from an upgrade.

You Are Happy with Time and Yield

Vegetable juice raw food - healthy eating woman with juicer juicing green vegetables and apple fruits as part of her wellness food. Beautiful happy mixed Asian woman with juice maker in kitchen.

The type and setup of your juicer dictates how long it takes you to prep your ingredients, make your juice, and clean the parts afterward. The type of juicer also dictates how much juice you yield from any given quantity of produce. If you feel like making juice is a fast and easy process that gives you a good return for your time and money, there is absolutely no need to purchase a different juicer. If you feel that juicing takes too long or only yields a small amount of juice, look around for something that suits your needs better.

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