4 Reasons Why Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Will Make Your Morning

Orange juice is a tasty treat that has been enjoyed with breakfasts for generations. Unfortunately, recent hype has made many question their favorite breakfast beverage. The juicing process concentrates the sugar, so some health gurus claim it is unhealthy for you because of the high sugar concentrations. While chugging OJ all day may not be the greatest idea, the following are a few reasons you can feel good about drinking a glass per day with your breakfast.

Tastes like Manna from Heaven

enjoying orange juice

Fresh squeezed orange juice is absolutely delicious and you can feel your cells drinking it up with you. The subtle nuances of the different oranges make it so fresh squeezed orange juice almost never tastes the same from glass to glass. Drinking orange juice in the morning will wake up your taste buds and start you off with a good taste in your mouth.

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