5 Common Juicing Myths That You Should Ignore

There’s Too Much Sugar in Juice


It is true that juicing concentrates the contents of the produce that you juice. As such, if you juice nothing but sugary fruits, there will be a lot of sugar in your juice. However, if you juice vegetables that have no sugar in them, your juice will also have no sugar. You have complete control over how much sugar is in your juice.

You Won’t Get Enough Fiber If You Drink Juices


Juicing removes most of the dietary fiber of your produce along with the pulp. If you are only drinking juices, you may not get enough fiber in your diet. If you are eating other foods or making smoothies as well as juices, you are likely not in danger of not getting enough fiber.

Juicing Will Make You Fat

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If you drink nothing but fruit juices and drink many per day, you may gain weight from the excessive amount of sugar. If you vary your fruit juices with vegetable juices or only drink a few juices per week, juicing will not make you gain weight. Again, it’s all about what you put into your juice and how much you drink.

Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables Is Better

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When you eat fruits and vegetables, you fill up and get all of the nutrients from those items. Essentially, this is better than drinking juice. However, most people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables to get all of their nutrients. Juicing is a quicker and easier way to get the proper amount of fruits and vegetables, since you can consume many veggies and fruits in seconds and even take them with you and sip on the go. Eating fruits and veggies is still important, but juicing can help supplement your diet.

Juicing Is Very Expensive

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Fruits and vegetables are cheaper than anything else that you buy at the store. At certain times of year, you can buy fruits and vegetables in bulk for even less. Since you choose what you put into your juice, you can make a juice very cheaply. Juicing is only as expensive as you make it.