5 Types of Juicers

types of juicers

Although there are many different brands and models of juicers out there on the market, here’s a breakdown of the five most common types of juicers.

1. Centrifugal Non-ejection Juicer

This type of juicer uses a shredder disc to reduce fruits and veggies to pulp. The produce then falls into a spinning basket with holes on the sides. This spinning basket squeezes the juice out from the pulp and strains it down into your cup. Centrifugal Non-ejection juicers will produce enough juice for about two people before they need to be stopped so that pulp can be manually removed.

2. Centrifugal Automatic-ejection Juicer

Similar to the non-ejection version, this centrifugal juicer stores pulp in a canister attached on the back. This means the juicer can be used for larger juicing sessions without having to be stopped for cleaning. But the juice yield tends to be slightly lower than with the non-ejection.

3. Masticating Juicer

With this type, versatility is the main selling point. A masticating juicer uses blades like teeth to “chew” your produce and render juice. It’s also capable of making nut butters and baby food.

4. Single Auger Juicer

An auger, a screw-like tool, is used to slowly grind produce and squeeze the juice out. This type of juicer is easy to clean and can make but butter and baby food in addition to delicious juice. A downside is that it’s slower at juicing than its rivals.

5. Twin Gear Juicer

This juicer makes use of two interlocking gears that efficiently grind together and render juice. This machine produces very high yields at a low temperature, but it tends to be the slowest and most expensive type of juicer on the market. It can also be something of a pain to clean.