A Must-See Movie for Juicing Enthusiasts

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Whether you’re thinking about taking the plunge into juicing or have been a juicing pro for years now, the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead should be added to your netflix queue. It’s a movie that’ll either convince you to take the plunge into the juicing lifestyle or just further ratify your belief in the juicing lifestyle that you’ve already adopted.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a documentary which tells the story of an overweight man named Joe Cross. Cross decides to combat his failing health and growing waistline with the help of a juicer and raw vegetables. The results are nothing short of amazing. Cross travels across America while he engages in a 60 day juice fast. Over the course of the film, he details the struggles that come with being overweight. But he also displays the amazing results that a proper and diligent juice fast can yield: by the film and fast’s end, he has helped himself, and helped others as well.

This award-winning documentary is as entertaining and informative as it is uplifting. Joe Cross, the affable hero in the film, is an Australian with a quintessentially Australian upbeat nature. If you find yourself in similar shoes to the ones that Cross was wearing at the beginning of his journey, watch this film in order to get a taste of what a well-planned juice fast can do for you! All that you’ll need in order to lose weight and improve your health are the things that Joe has in this film– a positive attitude, self-belief, and a juicer.