Adding One of These 3 Sweet Fruits Can Liven Up Just About Any Juice

Juicing can be a little rough at the beginning. While some people are born to chug copious amounts of kale, others need training wheels in the form of some sweet fruits. While fruits should be curbed to lesser and lesser amounts as you become acclimated to the earthier flavors, the following sweet fruits can help you to ease into juicing so that you don’t call it quits after your first sip.



Pears are sweet enough to soften the blow of many earthy greens, giving juices a delightful taste even when the other ingredients are decidedly bland or even somewhat bitter. Despite their sweetness, pears have shown to help increase insulin sensitivity, which can help to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. Pears also have anti-inflammatory benefits and can help to reduce cancer risks.

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