Almond Milk Juicer Recipe

Almond Milk Recipe

If you’ve read any of the juicer reviews on our site, you may have noticed that sometimes we mention a juicer’s ability to make things like almond and rice milk. Although far from all juicers are capable of this, many are. And it can be a really nice function to have around. So if you have a juicer with nut processing capabilities, or are thinking of purchasing one which does, here’s a basic recipe that’ll teach you how to make almond milk. After all, if your juicer is capable of making almond milk, why not take advantage?

Almond Milk Recipe

Place one cup of unsalted almonds into a large mixing bowl.

Add three cups of cold water.

Allow the almonds to soak in the bowl overnight or an equivalent amount of time – around 10 hours. By letting the almonds soak you’re softening them – this’ll help make the juicing process a breeze and will limit risk of damaging your juicer.

Pour out the water and rinse the almonds in a strainer until water runs through it clear.

Put the almonds back in the bowl and add 3 cups of cold water.

Set up your juicer. Make sure the installed blade is designed to take on hard foods.

Take a ladle and spoon the almond and water mix slowly into the juicer feed tube. Don’t go very fast as this’ll jam the juicer.

The finished product should be frothy and resemble milk.

There you go! Almond milk. Add flavor as you see fit. Cocoa, honey and vanilla are popular and classic choices.