These 3 Juices Will Provide Superior Hydration This Summer

Staying hydrated during the heat of summer can be challenging, but is essential to good health. While copious amounts of water should be consumed, these juices can supplement your water intake and help you stay hydrated. The electrolytes in the juices may help you cells to better absorb the liquids, which can also help to keep you better hydrated. Watermelon … [Read more...]

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Best 4 Citrus Juicers to Get Your OJ and Lemonade Right

Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Juicer This simple juicer is inexpensively priced at about $25, but has won contest after contest for best citrus juicer. The juicer was found to produce more juice than other models. The simple juicer was also found to produce better tasting juice than more expensive electric juices that juiced at higher speeds. The pulp catcher has a … [Read more...]

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4 Reasons Why Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Will Make Your Morning

Orange juice is a tasty treat that has been enjoyed with breakfasts for generations. Unfortunately, recent hype has made many question their favorite breakfast beverage. The juicing process concentrates the sugar, so some health gurus claim it is unhealthy for you because of the high sugar concentrations. While chugging OJ all day may not be the greatest idea, the following are … [Read more...]

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