Bella 2-Speed High Power Juicer


I bought a Bella High Power Juicer for my husband to bring to work so that he could still juice conveniently in his down time. He works at a restaurant, so don’t worry, he won’t be juicing in an office or anything. Unfortunately, he was spoiled on higher quality juicers, so he has come to loath using the Bella. The juicer cost about $100 at Target when I bought it, though it can now be purchased for much less online or from other retail stores.

Features and Function

The juicer has two speeds, like many centrifugal juicers, and has a wide 3 inch chute to accept vegetables with what would seem to be little prep. All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, so the juicer is pretty easy to clean. There is a locking clamp that keeps you safe and prevents damage to the juicer. There is also non-skid footing to keep the juicer in one place. The juicer is attractive, with stainless steel and black features, and will look great on a counter.

Pitfalls of the Bella Juicer

The Bella juicer seems great at first glance, but use brings the issues to light. The pour spout is too low on the juicer, so it is difficult to find a glass that fits comfortably under the spout and actually holds more than a tiny bit of juice. The motor is weak, so when you put large chunks of produce through the chute, you can hear the motor strain and the juicer doesn’t extract much. The juicer also does not do well at all with any kind of leafy greens, spitting them out nearly whole and not extracting but maybe a drop of juice. While this juicer may be affordable for newbie juicerheads, I recommend going with a different juicer for the same price.