Berry-Fruit-a-Luscious Juice


Juicing, what a wonderful way to start a morning. Juicing is easy, it is fun, and it creates fabulous, nutritious drinks in minutes. One delicious little juice concoction, which is a hit with the old and young alike, is created with berries, a banana, and part of an apple. The best part of this juice recipe is that any of the ingredients can be exchanged for other fruits. If a picky eater does not enjoy the strawberries they can be exchanged for blueberries, or even melon.
2 cups of fresh Strawberries
1 cup of fresh Raspberries
1 ripe Banana, peeled
1/2 of 1 ripe Apple, no seeds

    1. Throw it all into the juicer, let these machines do the work.
    2. Pour into a glass, and enjoy!