Big Boss Juicer


At just $60, this is a juicer for those that are just getting into juicing or are looking to purchase an affordable replacement for a broken juicer. With a large 3-inch chute, little prep work is required to get down to juicing. The Big Boss juicer is powerful, with a 700 watt motor, so juicing will take very little time. However, this juicer does give off heat because of the high speeds, so some nutrient quality will be diminished and the yield from the fruit will not be as high as with slow or cold press juicers.

Appearance and Build

The Big boss juicer is a very nice looking machine, with a chrome, black, and gray body. It is only about ten pounds, so it is very easy to lift and move for cleaning or storage. When it comes time to clean the juicer, all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, so clean up time is a snap. However, some users report problems where the juice spills from the pulp container portion of the machine and down the side of the juicer, wasting juice and adding time to cleaning.


The Big Boss has a large pulp container and a large bowl for collecting juice. This makes it easy to continually juice without stopping to empty pulp. The container also makes it easy to use the pulp for soups or other purposes. The machine has a safety bar, so that the machine will not run unless the bar is in place, making it safer than other juicers. There are two speeds to make it easier to juice soft fruits, which juice more effectively at a lower speed. All together, this juicer has some flaws, but is a good value for the low price.