Black and Decker JE2200B

Black and Decker JE2200B

Generally, here at Juicerhead, we’re firm believers in the idea that you get what you pay for. But in the spirit of open-mindedness, we decided to have a look at a juicer that fits into the “bargain bin” price category. So, how does it match up against its more highly touted (and higher price tagged) rivals?


At first glance, what’s mainly evident about this juicer is its small footprint and low profile. Even if you live in a compact compartment with limited shelf space, this juicer isn’t likely to take up too much room. The machine has a small spout and no other real protrusions to speak of, so you should have no problem storing it in a nook without much wasted space.


In a sense, the attributes that make this juicer great are also the ones that might make you reluctant to purchase it. For instance: This juicer is quiet. But the reason it’s quiet is that it only offers a 400 watt motor. This means you’ll have to be sure to take your time when loading fruits and veggies; otherwise, you’re likely to overtax the machine and risk burning out the motor. Similarly, the feeding tube is only about an inch in diameter. So not only do you have to take your time when feeding in produce, you also have to invest a decent amount of time chopping it up into small bits before it even makes it into the juicer. Juice yield is alright, but pales in comparison to what you’d get from a high-end masticating juicer, or really even a decent centrifugal juicer.


Because this juicer is exceptionally inexpensive and relatively successful in what it’s made for – juicing – it’s tough to say no. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the juicing world or need a backup, buying this juicer isn’t out of the question. Just don’t be surprised if within the first six months it breaks or you lose patience with it.