Blueberry Apple Cobbler Juice

Blueberry Apple Cobbler Juice
During the holidays, there’s a huge temptation to indulge in all of the delicious desserts that are associated with the season – pies, cakes, cobblers and all manners of chocolate treats. But although you’ll want to take advantage of this seasonal dessert bounty, it’s important to not over-do it. A good compromise is to try and consume foods that taste sweet but mostly contain natural sugars- and no butter! This blueberry apple “cobbler” juice is our helping hand as you navigate this season of temptation. Sure, it may not be quite the same as the buttery rich treat it’s named after, but it still tastes really good! The other upside is that the blueberries in it are a great source of antioxidants and contain a significant amount of vitamins C and K, as well as the mineral manganese. Apples are no slouch nutrition-wise either – they’ve been shown to help lower cholesterol and strengthen bones. And in addition to providing a great kick, cinnamon has antioxidant properties!

  • 1 cup of blue berries
  • 2-3 of your favorite kind of apples
  • Cinnamon to taste

  • Wash apples and berries
  • Juice it up
  • Add a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Close your eyes, take a sip, and use your imagination.