Breville BJE510XL


Every juicer on the market has its strengths and drawbacks. Some are cheaper but less efficient, some are works of art but cost a fortune. It’s all about what works best for your budget and intentions. Today we’re having a look at a juicer which seems as though it would hit a sweet-spot for many consumers. It’s not incredibly expensive, but it boasts some advanced features and is produced by a well-known and trusted manufacturer.

Appearance and Build

The Breville BJE510XL is made from a mix of stainless steel and plastic parts. However, the majority of the important ones are made out of metal. Metal construction aids clean up, but it also increases the machine’s longevity. Plastic parts deteriorate at a quicker rate than metal, especially if they’re constantly being chucked in the dishwasher or continuously being flexed in the same way. Plus, metal parts definitely take a clumsy drop better than metal ones. The metallic nature of this juicer also lends it a modern, clean appearance.


This juicer comes with the high standard usually associated with juicers made by Breville. But it also boasts five different speed settings. These settings range from around 6500 rpm up to over 1200rpm. The idea behind a range of blade speeds is that it allows you to juice produce at the speed which will cause it to give up the most amount of juice. Having the ability to change blade speeds is a huge advantage in terms of juice yield. It might just save you money spent on produce in the long run as well!