Breville Ikon 5-Speed Juicer

Breville Ikon Juicer

Breville is known for making juicers that are high in quality and quick and efficient in juice output. As it turns out, the ikon 5-speed model serves as an impressive and thoughtful endorsement of that reputation.


All the bells and whistles of a modern juicer are in place here. The ikon’s body is made from die cast silver metal that should have no problem fitting in on your counter. The juicer’s chassis is compact. It feels solid, and the juicer’s pulp catcher is fluidly integrated into the design.


Besides looking like exactly the upscale juicer it is, the main selling point of the ikon is its 5-speed design. The rationale behind having five speed settings is that different fruits and vegetables are best juiced at different speeds. For instance, a soft fruit like a melon is best juiced at a lower speed than a hard vegetable like a carrot. By juicing at the appropriate speed for specific produce, you increase the amount of juice yield that you end up with. The ikon allows you to feed whole produce into its wide-mouth feed tube and change the rpm of the blade at the same time. This makes for more efficient and lower-mess juicing.


This juicer is well designed and comes apart easily for cleaning. Largely metal construction lends it a sturdy and solid feel.

The Verdict

This juicer is from a trusted and proven line – it’s probably worth the money. When you consider the potential juice yield gains that its 5-speed design provides, the juice that you make might just taste a little bit sweeter.