Bring Juice to the Party


Healthy foods and beverages are more en vogue now than ever before. If you are going to a party, it is nice to offer a healthy alternative to alcohol or soda that is a little more fun and festive than your average pitcher of tea or lemonade. October, fall, and Halloween happen to be the perfect time to break out most of the healthiest juice colors and can be made on the cheap because of the bountiful harvests being reaped from coast to coast.

Go Red

Red juices are great for Halloween parties, because you can label them “blood” and get a round of grins from everyone. If you are feeling creative, you can do up the cups with vampiric accents and put the juice in a festive punch bowl. Red juices that are sweet are often hit with all ages, so make enough for everyone to get a cup.

Go Green

Green juices are usually the healthiest of the bunch, as even the smallest amount of nutrient-packed leafy greens will turn the juice green forever and ever. If you are going to take green juice to a party, make sure to add some strong, sweet fruits like pineapple, pear, and apple to cover the earthiness and make the juice just all around good fun and good flavor. Serve in orange cups and orange bowls to give the juice a great autumn contrast.

Go Orange

Orange juices are also great for this time of year. Making a juice with pumpkin, apples, and cinnamon jives with the flavors of the season and brings a very festive touch to the drink. Again, placing orange juices in green cups and bowls is a wonderfully pretty touch. Just make sure to tell everyone what the juice is or label it so no one thinks it’s regular orange juice.