Buying Your First Juicer


For many people, the path to becoming a Juicerhead is a gradual one. It may begin with a gateway introduction to juicing by way of a single fruit smoothie. This first smoothie is liable to lead to another smoothie, and another,  until eventually you’re talking about an abundance of delicious smoothies are under your belt. Next, perhaps a cup of spinach cucumber apple juice changes the way you think about vegetable consumption. Everyone’s path is different, but the point is you wake up one day with the realization that you’re a Juicerhead. You’re committed to the benefits of juicing and the wonderful new flavors you have come to know and love. Now it’s time to get serious – you’re going to buy your first juicer!

Tips to the First-time buyer

Like everything else, when it comes to juicers you get what you pay for. Obviously, there are some bargains out there that are exceptions to this rule, but generally a less expensive juicer will be more susceptible to breakage. Additionally, it probably won’t produce as much juice from your produce. Your best bet is to eliminate the most baseline models from your search.

Search online reviews for feedback from people who have actually purchased and used a juicer. User feedback is the best testimony to a juicer’s worth, and there are sites all over the Internet that sell juicers and provide user reviews on each. Don’t forget to ask Juicerhead friends for recommendations, and even staff at your favorite juice watering hole.

Before committing to a new juicer, borrow someone else’s juicer for a week if you can. Juicing is great, but there’s a decent level of work and planning involved in the process. Make sure that you’re truly cut out for juicing before you plunk your money down on a new machine of your own. Plenty of people who appreciate juice purchase theirs pre-made or at health bars; not everyone has the time or the patience to do their own juicing every day.

Be wary of buying a used juicer, since these can be hit or miss. Although a pre-used juicer may work fine and cost less, the motor and blades on a juicer can both deteriorate over time. If you find a used juicer that seems like a deal too good to turn down, find out how much the former owner used it, and test it with your own produce to see how the motor and blades seem to operate.

Take your time in your search for a great juicer. It’s an investment, so shop carefully and read user reviews!