Can Juicing Help You with S.A.D. Symptoms?


S.A.D., or seasonal affective disorder, is a condition that affects many people. S.A.D. is associated with a change of weather and most often occurs during the colder, darker months of fall and winter. When experiencing symptoms of S.A.D., individuals may feel depressed, lonely, and all around low. While most people experience a little slow down during the winter, these symptoms are more serious for people with S.A.D. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to feel better if you have this condition.

Juice to the Rescue

Fresh fruits have shown to be particularly helpful in warding off different types of depression. The sweet freshness and burst of nutrients can make you feel good. Fresh fruit also does not cause the crash that oft-craved processed sugary foods do, so it is a more sustainable positive feeling. Juicing fruits along with a few veggies can improve your energy levels and give you a sweet treat to sip on.

Add Some Omegas – and Dark Chocolate

After your juice is made, you can blend in some flax seeds, chia seeds, or walnuts to add some omega-3 fats in. Omegas have shown to be very helpful in fighting depression. Dark chocolate turns into serotonin in the body, which can help to balance out low serotonin levels brought on by winter. Blending some dark chocolate powder into your juice can make it extra tasty and help to provide a serious mood boost to banish the S.A.D.

Exercise Outdoors

Juice alone is not enough to combat S.A.D. For best results, combine a healthy diet with plenty of regular exercise. Getting outside to exercise is even more helpful than doing exercise indoors when it comes to fighting off depression. The sun, wind, and natural scenery have powerful mood boosting abilities.