Carrot, Spinach, and Apple Delight


We all enjoy fresh fruit juice, but beginners and veteran juicers alike seem apprehensive to add vegetables to the mix. Many are turned off by the overwhelming blandness of vegetable juice recipes. Is it possible to combine vegetables in a way to create something that reminds you of something better than juiced grass? Of course there is!

A common mistake for someone attempting to make a great tasting vegetable juice is to make a juice which exclusively uses vegetables. Fruits are naturally sweet, but the majority of vegetables are not. If you’re going for taste, veggie-only concoctions are not recommended. If you think you can handle the veggie-only taste, adding celery or cucumber is a great way to boost the taste in your veggie juice. If you’re not so adventurous but still hope to add some additional nutrients to your drink, you can toss in some lemon, lime, pear, or apple to your veggie mix for added flavoring.

Keep Your Skins On!

When you’re juicing vegetables, it’s best to leave the skins on, as that’s where a vast amount of the nutritional value is. Just like mom’s homemade mashed potatoes have the potato skins fragmented throughout, you may notice the not-completely-smooth blend. If you’ve always removed the skins it could take some time to adjust, but a cursory search on the nutritional value in vegetable skins should get you past this aversion quickly enough.

Carrots are known to improve vision, help develop glowing beautiful skin, and help slow the aging of skin. Today’s recipe is one of the better tasting veggie juices, using these highly nutritious vegetables.


  • 6-7 carrots
  • 2 Apples
  • 1 cup of spinach


  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly, to ensure all of the dirt is removed from the carrots and spinach.
  • Cut and trash the ends of the carrots.
  • Keep the skins of the maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Cut the apples and carrots into pieces your juicer can handle.
  • Juice and enjoy!