Cecilware JX45AF Autofeed Orange Juicer


The Cecilware juicer is a heavy-duty commercial citrus juicer for those that are looking into starting a business selling fresh juice or upgrading from an existing citrus juicer. This machine is fun to watch and fun to use. The juicer stands on wheels for easy transport and cleaning. At around $7,000, this juicer is an investment, but is much less expensive than many commercial juicers that do not have the unique features and appeal of this product.

Appearance and Build

The Cecilware juicer stands 71 1/4″ and is 23″ from left to right and 29 1/2″ from front to back, so it is necessary to create a place in the restaurant or juice bar where this juicer can fit, preferably in view or reach of the customers. The juicer is a nice looking machine, with a circular holder on the top for dispensing the oranges, a clear pressing compartment, and a reservoir for holding and dispensing the juice. Underneath the reservoir is a convenient tray for holding the serving glass.


Restaurateurs and Juicerheads will agree that the best feature of this machine is the auto feed feature. The holdster at the top of the machine can contain up to 39 oranges, so once the machine is turned on, it can run itself. The peel is separated from the pulp during juicing so that the bitter flavor that comes from pressing a peel with the orange is avoided. The blades are high quality stainless steel for years of use without dulling. The juicer is easy to disassemble for cleanup, requiring no tools. Investing in this juicer may give your restaurant or juice bar the edge it needs as it delights customers and employees alike.