Champion Commercial Juicer


If you want a heavy duty juicer that will help your restaurant start making fresh juices, or just a top-of-the-line juicer for your home, a Champion juicer may be right for you. The juicer operates using an augur, so you preserve most of the nutrients and enjoy a longer life for your juicer. The juicer has a one year warranty for the cutter and the screen and a three year warranty on the motor.

Using a Champion Juicer

Champion juicers run smoothly, but at low RPMs for maximum yield and nutrition. The slow juicing ability may be perfect for seasoned juicers, but may frustrate first time juicers. If the juicer will be used in a commercial setting, it should be in the customer’s view, so that the customer can see why the juice takes so long to serve. The shaft of the juicer is thinner than most juicers, so ingredients will have to be cut into small pieces to fit.

Durable and Easy to Use

The Champion juicer is durable and even has some parts made out of stainless steel instead of plastic for longer life of the machine. The machine comes completely apart very easily, so it is simple to clean and can be cleaned very thoroughly. Reassembly is also very easy. Many users report that their Champion juicer has been working for many years and can juice large amounts of produce and greens with absolutely no issue.

Attachments and Other Uses

The Champion juicer can be used to make baby food, sauces, veggies, loaves, frozen sorbets, and nut butters. With an attachment, the juicer is also capable of grinding meats. This highly durable and heavy duty machine can be used for years to save you money on a variety of different culinary endeavors.