Champion Household Juicer G5NG853S


At just under $300, the Champion household juicer is a perfect masticating juicer for those that wish to juice daily at home. The Champion juicer has been around since 1955, and many rave about having the juicer for years and years. If more than 12 ounces of juice will be produced daily, it is recommended to upgrade to a commercial juicer to avoid fast wear, but juicing a little each day or several times a week will not overstrain this juicer.

Appearance and Build

The Champion household juicer is a very simple design. Made with no nuts, screws, bolts, or clamps, the juicer is sleek in appearance and easy to clean. At 26 pounds, the juicer is a little heavier but is attractive enough to leave on the counter. On the inside, stainless steel cutting blades are cast into the cutter for durability and efficiency. The 1.75 inch tube allows a little less prep for fruits and vegetables than most juicers. The unique floating cutter allows continuous juicing without the need to stop and clean in between different types of produce. If desired, the pulp extracted from the juice can easily be used for recipes.


This machine not only works as a juicer, but makes baby foods, ice creams, sherbets, sorbets, purees, and salsa. It is possible to make nut butters, but the motor may run a little higher than with most other functions. The champion juicer is also capable of juicing wheatgrass, unlike many other types of juicers. The slower speed results in a higher quality juice than faster juicers, which is plainly visible in the dark, rich juice. There are different screens that can be used to make thicker or thinner juices. Altogether, this juicer is a great value for the price and will make nutritious juice and other healthy foods and drinks with little hassle.