Clean First, Drink Juices Later


Ah juicing. The anticipation when at the farmers market as you select produce that you will turn into juice. The recipes that you salivate over and long to try. And of course, the delicious sustaining juice itself, and the energy and feelings of healthfulness that it brings with it. There are so many great aspects to juicing. But if you’re truly going to be a Juicerhead, you’ve got to take good care of your juicer. And that means cleaning it as soon as you finish juicing.

Why Rush to the Sponge?

Cleaning your juicer right away will increase its lifespan and also make your life easier. Of course, we all want to drink the juice first – to be sure, don’t delay drinking juice for very long, as many plant phytochemicals begin to break down quickly and thus you’ll miss out on their healthful benefits. But put in the 5 minutes it takes to wash your juicer right after you finish. This will prevent plant fiber from drying on the juicer, making it far harder to clean off.

Additionally, plant fiber can dry in the small openings in the mesh filter which separates juice from pulp. When this happens, you’ll miss out of juice which isn’t properly filtered out of pulp. Besides sharp blades, a clean juicer screen is probably the single most important aspect of attaining the highest amount of juice yield. So if you want to get your money’s worth out of produce – and have more juice to drink – sponge first, sip later.