Cleansing Cranberry, Apple and Carrot Juice

Those cranberries may be tart in taste but they sure help keep your liver ticking over and get rid of those body toxins. Some people find cranberries a little harsh and say they leave you with a dry mouth feel so that’s why this recipe has both apple and carrot to make it more refreshing. This is great for vitamin C, K and E as well as potassium and manganese. Carrots are also strongly anti-inflammatory so they will help with sore swollen joints and can help ease aches and pains that may result from regular hard workouts during your juice diet.
1 cup of cranberries
2 apples
3 carrots

  1. Wash all of your fruit but leave the skin on the carrots and the peel on the apples. There is plenty of nutrition in the skins which really should get into your juice.
  2. Remove the stalk from the apple and the core if you so wish. Chop up the apple and also the carrot into smaller, more easily managed pieces. The cranberries can remain whole.
  3. Juice all of your ingredients and serve over ice, making sure to drink straight away or the apple juice may start to turn brown.