Cranberry Lime Juice


Today we’ve got a tangy little concoction that’s guaranteed to wake up your taste buds. It features cranberries and limes.

The great thing about cranberries is that they’re a powerful source of anti-oxidants. Specifically cranberries are very high in benzoic acid, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. They’re also a very low calorie food and a good source of manganese and the vitamins K and C.

For their part, limes are no slouch nutrition-wise. Back in the day, limes saved sailors from developing scurvy. These days, their role in society is slightly less dramatic but no less nutritious. Limes are a great source of vitamin C. Although they taste and look different than lemons, they have a similar nutrient profile. This means that they have anticancer and antioxidant properties. Limes may also have antibiotic properties, helping you to stay healthy and lower your risk of infection. They’re also quite cheap and their juice can be used as a natural cleaner. So when you buy limes for this recipe, be sure to pick up a couple extra for housekeeping tasks.


  • 1 cup of cranberries
  • 2 limes, peeled
  • 2 apples
  • ½ a cup of grapes


  • Wash the cranberries, apples, and grapes thoroughly.
  • Peel the lime.
  • Juice it all up!
  • Stir well and enjoy. Dilute with water if desired.