Don’t Blanch at Broccoli

SummaryBroccoli Juice
If you’re like an undisclosed but no doubt large portion of Americans, you had an aversion to broccoli as a youngster. But hopefully, veggie dip plate by veggie dip plate, this yuck reflex has subsided and given way to a respectful if uneasy sense of appreciation. What we’re saying is, broccoli isn’t everyone’s go-to favorite vegetable. Big surprise, right? But the thing is that broccoli has a whole multitude of health benefits that can’t be ignored. And it lends itself to juicing better than you might expect.

Broccoli is equipped with two formidable cancer fighting agents. One of them is the phytochemical sulforaphane. It’s been shown to increase production of an enzyme that aids removal of carcinogenetic substances from the body. Broccoli also contains indoles, which are compounds that are especially effective in limiting breast cancer risk. Indoles fit into estrogen receptors in cells and protect them from cell mutation. If the cancer fighting properties of broccoli still don’t have you convinced, remember that calorie-for-calorie, broccoli contains more protein than milk and almost as much calcium. This calcium content can be particularly helpful if you’re engaged in a juice fast – some people find that they experience heartburn at the beginning of a juice fast as their stomach adjusts to producing less acid to aid digestion. So take this simple recipe and implement it into your juicing routine. We’ve left you virtually no reason not to!


  • ½ A bunch of kale
  • One large bunch of broccoli/li>
  • 2 Apples of choice
  • 5 Carrots


  • Wash all ingredients thoroughly.
  • Juice it all up. Core the apples, but don’t be afraid of the broccoli stems.
  • Enjoy!