Ease Into Juicing


With the school year ending and summer kicking into high gear, it is a great time to begin making healthy lifestyle choices, both for the family and for yourself. Beginning to juice can be very exciting for all involved as you go to purchase the ingredients, get a sparkly new juicer, and beginning churning out delightful treats. However, flavor mixing is an art in itself and many beginner juicers are disappointed when they make their first juice and taste it. Green juices can be very earthy depending on the ingredients and may be more difficult to convince children to try.

Start Light and Sweet

Fruit juices are typically sweet, but they are also high in sugar. To lighten up the juice, add some water or a very juicy fruit or vegetable such as watermelon or cucumber. These will reduce the thickness of the juice as well, which can make the juice more appetizing and easier to swallow. It may be necessary to avoid the leafy green vegetables while just getting acquainted with juicing. Ease into the leafy greens by adding just a small handful of spinach or one or two kale leaves every few times that you juice. Doing this will gradually raise the nutritional content of juices. We often find that easing into these heartier juices also begins to broaden the juicerhead’s palette in general, and most begin to crave the heartier greens for the flavor and the feeling after a while.

When beginning juicing, it is easier to start out with combinations of fruits and vegetables that you know you like. Milder flavored vegetables and fruit, such as the aforementioned cucumbers and watermelon, carrots, pears, red apples, pineapples, and melons are also good to start with. After a while, it is good to start adding stronger flavored fruits and vegetables, such as swiss chard, kale, beets, green apples, ginger, and kale. Start slow, ease into juicing, and you are sure to love the way that you feel and look!