Follow if you are new to Juicing

The list of health benefits that come with juicing are virtually endless, and anyone that’s just now taking the ride is in for a pleasant surprise. For those that are unsure of their juicing skills and capabilities, here’s a list of rules that every first time juicer should abide by.

It’s Not For YouThere are several types of people that shouldn’t even begin juicing. This includes pregnant or nursing women, young children, people suffering with anemia, eating disorders, diabetes, thyroid diseases, cancer, and any other chronic condition. 

What To Use?

Every juicer is different and will give off different results. While buying a juicer is certainly recommended, it’s not the only option. A blender is also usable. The key is to monitor and record just how much juice the juicer or blender is producing, and will give juicer’s an idea of how effective the juicer/blender really is.