GNC Deluxe Juicer


The GNC Deluxe juicer is great for beginner juicerheads or those looking for a back up juicer to keep at friends or relatives’ houses. The juicer is only about $40, so it is much cheaper than most juicers on the market.  You must be careful when juicing with this juicer, as it is a bit lower quality than higher priced models, but it will get the job done.

Appearance and Build

The GNC Deluxe juicer is a basic model with a clean appearance. The exterior is chrome and black, so it will match with the décor of most kitchens. It is attractive enough to store on top of the counter but also light enough to store underneath the counter and take out for each use. The parts are a little less durable than most juicers, so it should be taken apart and cleaned by hand with care.


This juicer comes with a 700 Watt motor and two speeds. Users should be careful to cut all produce into small pieces and should not attempt to run through much through the juicer at one time, as it may cause the motor to burn out. The GNC Deluxe is a pretty fast centrifugal juicer, so juicing will still be a quick process, even though the pieces must be cut well. The juicer comes with a separate pulp container, so you can juice continuously without stopping to clean the parts after each juice. A juice container with a foam lid also comes with the juicer, so you can enjoy foam free juice, and you do not have to find a suitable juice catcher as you do with many juicer models. Altogether, this juicer is a bargain, but should be handled with a little extra care.