Green Grapple Juice

This a tasty healthy little fruit juice that combines that perfect duo of apple and grapes. The two flavors combine so well to make a sweet juice that both adults and kids love. Vitamin C is prevalent in this drink as is that beneficial vitamin K, which helps with the bones and blood. You get a decent amount of dietary fiber from this juice as well, along with plenty of energy boosting natural sugars. We do have a little lemon in the mix but in this case it is solely for a hint of citrus to make the juice taste even better.
3 green apples
1 cup of white grapes
1 thin wedge of lemon 


  1. Remove the stalk from the apple and slice it into smaller pieces for ease of juicing.
  2. Wash the grapes and remove them from the stalks. Remove the peel from the wedge of lemon.
  3. Juice all of the ingredients through the machine and serve chilled over ice.