Green Star Elite Greenpower Juicer GSE-5000 by Tribest Review


This is a juicer for the juicerhead aficionado. The price tag is high, running at about $600. It is also not fast, so if you are looking for speed of juicing and cleanup, this is not the juicer for you. However, if you have been juicing for a while and you really want to get serious, the Greenstar Elite is the juicer that you want.  It has a three stage juicing system. It crushes, mixes, and then squeezes for maximum juice yield. The juice yield is one of the best parts about it, and it may just save you money in the long run, as you find yourself buying less produce and yielding the same amount of juice. The Green Star Elite can yield up to 60 percent more juice than lower-end centrifugal juicers. This juicer is also great for those that want the maximum nutritional benefit from their juice. High speed juicers tear up the produce and heat up the juice, which destroys nutrients. Juice made with the Green
Star Elite will contain much of the original nutrients of the produce, and is ideal for people that are looking to get the maximum health benefit from their juice. This juicer will also allow you to juice items that most other juicers can’t handle, such as sprouts and wheatgrass.

Appearance and Build

The parts on this juicer are known to be very durable, and to last for years. This is considered a lifetime juicer, and many customers have them for twenty years or more. However, many customers do not like the white plastic housing, as it stains easily. The Green Star Elite has a chute to feed the produce into the machine, and a plunger. The produce then passes into a chamber where two grooved gears are turning at 110 revolutions per minute, much slower than most other juicers. This slower speed is part of what allows the juice to hold so much more nutrients while still extracting more juice. The gears crush the produce. . These gears put off a magnetic field that is supposed to further increase the nutrient yield. Then the produce is passed through a screw, which mixes and rubs it together, breaking it down further. When the now pulpy produce passes through the second half of the screw, it is squeezed, extracting the juice into the glass pitcher.


The juicer has two mesh screens, a course screen and a fine screen, and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of pulp in the juice. The fine screen is good for juicing leafing greens and sprouts. This juicer is unique because there are many attachments, and it can be used as a food processor, pasta maker, it can slice breadsticks, mix bread dough, and many other uses