Hamilton Beach Electric Citrus Juicer

HB-electric-citrus-juicerWith summer on the horizon and the citrus fully in season, now is the perfect time to invest in a citrus juicer. A citrus juicer can help you to quickly convert the fruits of your citrus trees into tasty juices that can be drank or stored for use in many different recipes. When it comes to citrus juicers, the Hamilton Beach electric juicer is the best of the best.


The Hamilton Beach citrus juicer is futuristic and attractive, with a black body and chrome reamers. The reamers are reinforced with stainless steel so that they will stand up to the demands of regular use in a commercial kitchen or juice bar. The juicer is small and uniquely shaped so that it doesn’t take up too much counter space. At just 10 1/4 inches wide and 10 inches deep, the juicer maximizes efficient use of space.

Features and Function

The pour spout of the juicer is located about 21 ½ inches off the counter so that restaurateurs can place large pitchers and glasses underneath to save time. The juicer comes with three different sized reamers so it is easy to juice lemons and limes, oranges, and grapefruits while getting the most out of each of these different types of citrus. The 3/8 HP motor is whisper-quiet, so it will not disturb guests while it is in use.

The Hamilton Beach citrus juicer is extremely durable and built to last. The housing is made from acid-resistant metal so that the citrus will not stain it or break it down over time. The strainer is polyacetal copolymer for maximum durability through heavy use. The Hamilton Beach citrus juicer requires a 230V electrical connection, so it is designed for use outside of the United States.