Hammacher Commercial Juicer


This juicer is the ultimate machine for the serious juicerhead or restaurateur that is looking to get into business selling fresh juice. This heavy-duty piece of equipment can juice whole oranges, pomegranates, or grapefruit without you having to remove the peel or do any preparation besides rinsing the fruit. Up to 28 pieces of fruit per minute can be run through this lightening fast juicer, producing up to 84 ounces of juice at a time.

Appearance and Build

This is a large juicer, with dimensions of 34″ H x 28 3/4″ W x 17″ D. While this requires a bit more than under-the-counter space, the Hammacher juicer is very attractive and fun to watch, so keeping the juicer in the view of the guests can add appeal to your restaurant or juice bar. The fruit is fed in though the chute, where internal flywheels press the fruit into a serrated blade that separates the peel and exposes the flesh of the fruit. The exposed flesh is squeezed by spinning reamers, and the juice flows through a filter. The filter removes the pith and pulp, and the ready-to-serve juice pours from the bottom into your waiting glass.


The housing on the Hammacher Commercial Juicer is transparent, so the whole process can be viewed by delighted customers or employees. The discarded pulp and peels are guided to bins on either side of the juicer. These bins are easy to remove and dump, for continual use and ease of cleaning. The entire machine disassembles conveniently for trouble-free washing. All of the parts of the Hammacher Juicer are made from commercial-grade plastic and metal. The machine is built to last through years of daily use. With a price tag of $9,900 this juicer is an investment that will make an entrepreneur money, while keeping customers healthy, entertained, and happy.