How Juicing Can Help with Your New Year’s Resolution


If you have vowed that this will be your year to get in shape and stay healthy, juicing may be able to help with that. Juicing is a healthy habit that is easy to add to your routine and may cause a domino effect of other healthy habits to follow. Juicing may also help you to slim down and become more energetic, depending on what you choose to juice.

Juicing Adds Veggies and Fruits

If part of your New Year’s resolution is to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet, juicing can make it easier to do so. It can be difficult to get two or three servings of fruit and four to five servings of veggies in per day when you are trying to cook those veggies and eat all of them separately. Many people simply don’t have the time. Juicing can pack a few servings of fruit and a few servings of veggies into a portable, easy-to-consume package.

Juicing Keeps Produce Around

When you are trying to be consistent with juicing, you are going to be keeping more fruit and veggies in the house. When fruit and veggies are around you in the home, you are much more likely to eat them. Apples and oranges in the bowl are good for juicing, but they are also great as a quick snack when you’re hungry. Ditto for celery sticks, cucumbers, and many other veggies.

 Juicing Helps Waste Less

On the flip side, juicing can help you with New Year’s resolutions regarding being less wasteful. If you have a few different kinds of produce going bad soon, they may be difficult to use in one dish or eat at once – but they will likely all blend well in a juice. Making a habit of juicing the day before your regular shopping day can help you to clear the fridge and use up every last bit of food before it goes bad.