Hurom HG Elite Juicer

hurom-hg-eliteThe HG Elite is a slow masticating juicer that allows juicerheads to get the most out of their fresh produce. Working at only 43 RPM, the juicer produces very little heat, which helps to avoid breaking down the precious nutrients in the juice. The juicer is designed to make cleaning much easier than most slow juicers, even including a self-cleaning feature.


The Hurom HG Elite has a simple black and chrome design that allows the juicer to blend inconspicuously into most kitchen décor. The housing of the machine is clear, so juicerheads can watch this juicer in action. The juicer is also super quiet, so it will not wake the whole house when being used to make a meal-replacing breakfast juice.


There is a unique double-winged, double-grooved augur that crushes and presses the produce to ensure maximum juice extraction. The juicer comes with a fine strainer and a course strainer so that juicerheads can alternate when juicing more or less fibrous foods. The HG Elite is also designed to waste as little energy as possible, only using 150 watts of power. Unlike most other juicers, this juicer has an auto-pulp feature that ejects the pulp automatically when no more juice can be extracted. This part can be opened fully for complete cleaning at the sink. This juicer can be used for a larger variety of foods than most juicers, expertly juicing berries, ripe bananas, and leafy greens. The juicer can even be used to make nut milks and tofu.


At around $500, the Hurom HG Elite is a little more expensive than most juicers, but may be worth the cost to a dedicated juicer. The ability to make nut milks and tofu may aid healthy eating in ways that many juicers are not able. This juicer certainly lives up to its name of “Elite.”