Hurom HU-100

hurom hu-100

Today we’re having a look at the Hurom Slow Juicer HU-100. This juicer is a thoughtful model that’s been constructed with the well-informed juicer in mind. Once we go through and examine its merits, we think you’ll agree with us.


On first glance, this juicer looks like a miniature abode that might’ve been designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In any case, it’s likely to look good on a countertop in your abode – it sports sleek and streamlined stainless steel construction and is available in several modern color schemes. But is it just a pretty face? We’ll find out next.


What sets this juicer apart is its ability to make juice while using a minimal amount of friction and creating a minimal amount of heat. Why is this important? Well, increased heat and friction accelerate the oxidation process in juice, diminishing its health benefits. Because this juicer uses a press to create juice, oxidation is kept to a minimum. Noise level is also on the very low end of the spectrum. Which means you might not wake up your partner the next time you’re fixing your morning juice.


Although generally a worthwhile juicer, there are a couple of issues to keep in mind.

–          You’ll need to make sure your produce is cut up nice and small in order to make full use of this juicer – that’s just the way it goes with a juicer that doesn’t include blades.

–          This juicer isn’t for the faint of pocketbook. However, it does offer the versatility of being able to make nut butters, baby food and ice cream.