I Just Bought a Juicer, Now What?


The latest popularity explosion in the quest for living a healthy lifestyle is juicing. Health experts recommend you consume 6-8 serving of fruits and vegetables per day, but how many people achieve this daily through meals? Very few, but juicing is the answer! Juicing is very simple way to incorporate a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables into your daily diet and ensure you reach your recommended intake with minimal effort! Juicing is also a tasty to way consume fresh fruits and vegetables that you wouldn’t otherwise snack on.

Juicing is more beneficial than eating the whole fruits or vegetables alone. This is mainly because juicing allows for the complete absorption of all the nutrients. You are consuming an optimal amount of vegetables in one juice drink and incorporating a wider variety of fruit and vegetable into your daily diet. Juices offer a direct burst of pure nutrients to your cells and bloodstream and are extremely high in antioxidants which promote a strong healthy immune system.

Let’s Get Juicing!

Obviously to start, you will need a juicer. You cannot use a blender a blender will not extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

First wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly, cut into manageable pieces, core where needed but do not remove skins. Juices are best consumed right away and do not store well. Thoroughly clean your juicer after every use.

Common ingredients for first time juicers are:
• Celery
• Fennel
• Cucumber
• Adding lemon/lime juice to enhance taste

As you get bolder you can try:
• Varieties of Lettuce (red, green, romaine)
• Endive
• Escarole
• Spinach

Then onto the less tasty but more nutritional:
• Varieties of Cabbages (red, green)
• Bok Choy

And lastly:
• Greens (collard, kale, mustard, and dandelion)

To enhance the flavor of your juices try adding:
• Various berries and fruits
• Cranberry
• Coconut
• Ginger
• Lemon Juice
• Lime Juice

Happy juicing!