If It Ain’t Organic, Peel It

Organic produce, although by far the best for juicing, can sometimes be hard to get a hold of or is just frankly too expensive. So if your juicing on a budget and can only get those heavily processed cheap store brand produce items, then you need to peel. The fact is that pesticides and preservatives permeate the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables or actually just sit on the surface. You can of course wash the fruit and remove many of the chemicals but as a general rule you need to take off that peel.
I know it’s a bit of a hit because you are losing some of the most nutritious material from your produce but you don’t really want to ingest those impurities. Remember, however, that these pesticides and other chemicals can even leech into the flesh of the fruit as well. This is technically safe and it is in much lower concentrations than in the peel. Ideally though try and go organic because then you can use the pretty much the entire item in the juicing process.