Is a Juice Cleanse Right for You?

juice-cleanseJuice cleanses are among the hottest trends in weight loss regimens, but what exactly does that entail? Must you starve your way through some specific number of days? If so, how many? Ten, 20, or even 60? Can you eat nothing at all?

These may be some of the questions you have if you are mulling over whether or not a juice cleanse is an option for you. The truth is, there are no one-size-fits-all answers when it comes to juice cleansing, but it’s good to find out all you can before starting. Guidelines to follow during a juice cleanse are fairly obvious: your diet should be primarily liquid, and everything you consume should be plant-based.

Besides fruit and vegetable juices, the only liquid that should be consumed is water. This means avoiding alcohol and any caffeinated beverages, such as coffee or tea. For some people, this is the most difficult part of a juice cleanse. Again, these are only guidelines, and each individual is different.

Give Your Body a Break

A successful juice cleanse will give your body a break. The enzymes and nutrients in juice are more easily absorbed by the body than solid food that must be broken down. A liquid cleanse is believed to super-charges the immune and digestive systems, and cleanse the organs like the liver and kidneys of toxins to improve their function. A juice cleanse can be a quick way to drop some weight, and can start you down the path of healthier eating and healthier living.

If it is your first juice cleanse, try not to be discouraged if you cheat along the line. It is better to accept the slip-up and move forward, sticking to juice, fruits, and vegetables for the duration that you have chosen for yourself as best you can. It takes discipline and practice to find the healthy living style that is right for you; once you do, you’ll find the journey was worth it.