It’s all about a Clean Screen


In the past, we’ve encouraged you to clean you juicer thoroughly. And we feel compelled to do so again today. But today, we’re focusing on perhaps the single most component of your juicer: the screen.

If you have a centrifugal juicer, the blade of your juicer is surrounded by a metal mesh cone. This mesh cone is the screen, and it makes sure that the juicing magic happens. When you put produce into your juicer, the blade churns them into pulp as it spins. This spinning mechanism throws the pulp off of the blade and onto the sides of the juicing chamber. This is where the screen comes into action. Centrifugal force pushes the produce pulp against the screen, pressing the liquid out of the juice. If the screen isn’t significantly clean, juice won’t be able to make it through the tiny openings in it. So you need to scrub!

Scrub your Screen

All elements of the juicer require a little TLC and cleaning. But while you can get away with a cursory sponging of the pulp catcher or feeding tube, the screen has to stay pristine. Once you start to let food particles build up and dry in the screen, it’ll become progressively harder to clean them out, even as juice yield begins to drop. In order to clean out your screen, pick up a small Teflon-bristle brush. You can get one for just a few bucks at a kitchen supply store. And if your juicer came with one, make use of it! It’ll make your life easier and your juice more plentiful. Just think of the scrubbing as a bit of exercise and due diligence on your investment.