It’s Not That Easy Being Green

When it comes to making vegetable juices there is one unwritten, shall we say loose law, juices made only with greens are ill advised at best. Okay, so greens are very beneficial in a vegetable juice diet drink but they should never be the sole ingredient. This is because greens can have a tendency to cause, to be a little indelicate, loose bowel movements. Oh, and let’s not forget it can be a little tough to drink raw juiced green vegetables unless you develop a real taste for them.
So as a general guide you should combine your greens with sweeter root vegetables such as carrots. Also to allow yourself to adjust to the taste of raw green juices you should increase the level of leaves gradually to your recipes. Start out with just a small amount to explore the taste and as you become more accustomed you can add more greens. In conclusion, go easy on your digestive system ad work up to those greener juices.