Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro Stainless Steel


There are countless different juicer options out there. Many of them are made by no-name companies. But a couple of companies stand out in the juicer business and are household names. Jack LaLanne is one of the brands which has become widely known for their juicers. We’ve looked at juicers in the Jack LaLanne family before, and today we’re reviewing one which has been billed as a flagship model, the power juicer pro in stainless steel.

Appearance and Build

This juicer is made out of stainless steel. For stainless steel aficionados, this may be a real selling point. For the average consumer, the stainless steel portions of this juicer will aid in cleaning. Additionally, the stainless steel surfaces of this juicer shouldn’t stain from the natural dyes found in carrots or tomatoes. Unlike plastic, stainless steel shouldn’t break down, and won’t break apart if you drop it.


This juicer is a equipped with a motor which runs at well under 400 rpm. To give you an idea of rpm speeds, most centrifugal juicers run at speeds in excess of 800 rpm. This means a couple of things – because of its low rpm speed, this juicer is quitter during operation than many of its brethren. At the same time though, it means that the juice rendering process takes place slower. It may also lead to eventual problems when juicing hard vegetables. Generally, harder produce juices better at a higher rpm. If you plan to mostly juice soft produce, the low rpm should be viewed as a plus. But if you plan to juice hard produce, especially in large quantities, consider a different juicer.