Juice Now to Save Yourself Tomorrow!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Many will be celebrating with alcohol tonight, and if you decide to celebrate in that way, juicing today may help to prevent a rough day tomorrow. Alcohol may block magnesium and leach calcium and vitamin B from the body, so try to find a juice that will ensure that you have plenty of those essential nutrients. Making sure that you have gotten your full daily supply of nutrients today can help keep your liver functioning in tip top shape, which will help you to feel better tomorrow.

Tomato Juice Benefits

Drinking a tomato juice may provide some of these nutrients, and may also help to slow the effects of the alcohol if alternated with alcoholic beverages. Tomato juice has been linked to sobering up faster and blocking the effects of alcohol on the body. If you wish to pace yourself and make a better day tomorrow, adding tomato to your juice may be of assistance. This juice can be helpful if consumed prior to alcohol consumption, but it will be even more helpful if it is drunk throughout the night alternating with the alcohol.

Prepare Juice Ahead

Juicing can also help to ease a hangover. Fruit juices can replenish sugar as well as nutrients, and help to hydrate the body quickly. Although juice retains more nutrients when it is consumed within fifteen minutes of being made, drinking a juice that was made the day before will be infinitely better for your body than not drinking a juice at all. Opt for a juice that is not too strongly flavored, but contains all of the nutrients that alcohol is known to leach from the body. Be sure to also opt for ingredients such as watermelon or cucumber that contain copious amounts of water and will assist most thoroughly with rehydration.