Juice Vacations

Resort Juice Bar

In the last twenty years, juicing has gone from the underground to the mainstream. There are a number of reasons for this. For one thing, modern technology has allowed for the production of high-quality non-industrial juicers at a price that most people can afford. This makes it possible for more people to juice regularly at home, and to really see the benefits of a raw diet. We can also thank the broader movement in America towards a more healthful lifestyle – fast food restaurants adding more healthy choices to their menus, and schools rethinking what they serve to students on trays. So in a way, it’s really no surprise that hotels are getting in on the juicing act. After all, where there’s a market, there’s somebody ready to fill the need.

Resorts are Getting Juicier

Due to the popular demand of their clientele, hotels and spas are beginning to incorporate juicing culture into their offerings. In fact, some have even designed vacation packages that are specifically juice-themed. For instance, the Standard Spa in Miami Beach, Florida offers both three and five day juicing vacation packages. They feature juicing workshops, spa treatments, and of course, lots of delicious fresh juice! And they aren’t the only resort getting involved in juicer culture – hotels and resorts all over are now acknowledging juicing as the restorative process it is. Even hotels in Las Vegas, the city of sin, are getting into supplying guests with juicer bar amenities. So the next time you take a vacation, you don’t have to take a vacation from delicious juice.