Juice Your Way through the Holidays


Most Americans gain between five and fifteen pounds through the holiday season. This gain is mainly attributed to overindulgence, but that is not the only cause. The body’s production of cortisol increases when an individual is under stress, especially if sleep is lacking, and the holidays are a prime time for both of those things. Add these factors to decreased physical activity because of weather limitations and lack of spare time and it is no surprise that most Americans gain weight during this time of year.

Juice to the Rescue

Juicing can help to combat many of the factors that contribute to the typical winter-time weight gain. Many fruits and vegetables can help to speed metabolism naturally, automatically decreasing the amount of fat put on from the excesses of the holiday. Drinking a juice also fills you up, so you may be less likely to reach for the unhealthy snacks and second helpings.

Many fruits and vegetables have nutrients and vitamins that help to ease stress and promote production of feel-good hormones like serotonin. These nutrients and hormones may also help to nix the sleepless nights, further reducing the body’s production of cortisol. While juicing may not substitute for physical activity, juices may increase energy levels, spurring you to go out there and play football or take a jog after the big dinner instead of napping in front of the television.

Drinking fresh juice on an empty stomach is best. If you want to incorporate fresh juice into your Thanksgiving celebration, put a pitcher out a few hours before the meal, with the light snacks. This will help guests to fill up a little beforehand, avoiding the customary binge with painful and unhealthy after effects. The juice will help boost the energy level of your gathering, and you may notice lifted spirits as well.